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AccessNET is an affordable regional feet dispatch radio system that serves the Hampton Roads Virginia Market providing state of the art digital two-way communications to the business community. The network supports a variety of services which can be customized to economically meet your businesses needs .

AccessNET is a modern digital wireless network designed to provide instant communications to your business’ field employees. Your fleet can be made up of users that are predominately vehicular based using mobile radios or on foot using portable radios or both. The AccessNET network driven by a JVC Kenwood USA NEXEDGE Digital wireless protocol. Our network is comprised of Kenwood NEXEDGE radio transmitters located on multiple radio transmitter tower sites strategically located throughout Hampton Roads. The entire network is digital and is utilizes highly efficient and redundant trunked radio technology. Together these technologies allows your users to maintain contact with their associated talkgroups wherever they are within the Hampton Roads coverage. The network allows your fleet to seamless roam from tower site to tower site effortlessly maintaining a highly reliable connection with your fleet members, all without interaction by your staff. This means that your staff does not have to keep track of what radio channel and or tower site you need to be on in Portsmouth vs. which one I need use when I am located in Williamsburg. The feature rich digital platform coupled with the seamless ability to roam between sites makes the AccessNET network perform light-years ahead of yesterday’s past generation of two-way radio networks. AccessNET is the only wireless network in the Hampton Road Market place with this capability!

All of our fleet talkgroup packages come standard equipped with the features you need to communicate effectively such as: Unique Individual ID numbers for each radio, and the ability to associate an alias to the Unique ID’s providing your staff with a name they recognize not just a random number. Additionally each talkgroup is provided with the safety features your users deserve such as: Emergency Alerting which provides an emergency signal to your user fleet identifying the user with the emergency, even if the emergency renders them unable to speak; the ability to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio, keeping your communications secure. The AccessNET net work also support the ability to remotely make changes to your radio profile easing the process of implementing changes to an already fielded fleet, just in case you want to add additional features or functions later down the road.

Why Radio Dispatch?

The answer is simple, Radio Dispatch can save your company money by making your staff more productive.

Using Cellular or Nextel Services?

Our regional Nexedge digital radio system offers many advantages over traditional cellular or cellular PTT services. Stop the lost productivity caused by long and un-necessary phone conversations, and lower your cellular bills. Unlike cellular phone use, two-way radio is not impacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s driver cellular usage ban. Need a replacement for the discontinued NEXTEL PTT service? Let us show you how Radio Dispatch can help.

  • Affordable one-to-many group calling
  • Easily initiate one-to-one individual calls
  • Send short text messages to individuals or groups
  • Receive emergency alters from employees in trouble
  • Track the location of your vehicles

Our Specialities

Wireless Communications

• Local, State & Federal Radio Systems
• Commercial LMR Systems
• Digital & Analog Technologies
• Conventional & Trunked Networks
• Dispatch Console Systems
• Digital Microwave Networks
• Tower Services & Certified Climbers

Public Safety Vehicle Upfitting

• Emergency Warning Lights
• Sirens
• Mobile Video Systems
• Traffic Radar & Lidar Systems
• Mobile Data Systems
• Vehicle Console Hardware
• Prisoner Screens & Seating
• Push Bumpers

Innovative Technologies

• Radio Over IP (RoIP) & Networking
• Blackhaul Multiplexing Technologies
• AVL & GPS Integration
• Custom SCADA Based Solutions
• Mass Notification Systems
• Interoperability Interfaces

Communication Services

  • Vehicle Tracking

    This add on service provides GPS based tracking information back to your central dispatch point letting your staff know where your fleet is located at any point in time. We can provide an easy to use Graphical Unser Interface (GUI) application that will display your fleet on a Google Maps map or we can provide a serial data string containing the information which you can integrate into your own business system which supports vehicle tracking.

  • Short Messaging Services

    This add on service allows you to send a short message (similar to a text message) to a radio user. This is useful for providing addresses, phone numbers, work order information etc. to a users radio display allowing them to visually see the information. For difficult to relay and remember information like strings of numbers and correctly spelled names, etc. this can reduce the errors caused by someone misunderstanding the oral information received in a voice only information exchange.

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